3 Filming Tips for Professional Quality TikTok Videos
3 Filming Tips for Professional Quality TikTok Videos
28 Apr

3 Filming Tips for Professional Quality TikTok Videos

TikTok is unique among content platforms for its focus on short, engaging videos that capture the attention of the casual scroller. If you want to capture users’ attention and encourage them to watch more of your content, you must create professional-quality TikTok videos by getting in touch with your inner videographer.

Glide Gear has compiled a list of filming tips geared toward beginner TikTokers and aspiring content creators. Use these tricks to add more polish to your video content!

Use Smartphone-Ready Lighting

You probably film your TikTok videos on the same phone you use to text friends and scroll through social media. You don’t need a full set of pricy studio lights to create a pro-quality video, but you do need the right lighting for a smartphone.

Ring lights are perfect for use with smartphones. Your phone goes in the center of the ring, so the light radiates outward and lends your face a sleek, natural glow.

Film With Your Phone Camera

You have the option to film your videos directly through the TikTok app; many beginners use this function when just starting out, as it’s easy to learn. However, the app only allows you to film for 60 seconds at a time!

If you’re shooting a longer video, consider using your phone’s camera app to film all the takes and quick cuts you’ll need. Editing outside the app and importing to TikTok later gives you more flexibility.

Shoot With a Script

One of the main draws of TikTok is its natural, everyday feel. Even though many videos have gone through editing behind the scenes, you still get the feeling that you’re watching real people speaking off the cuff.

Here’s the thing, though: for your words to sound fluid and natural, you’ll need to plan and rehearse them beforehand to eliminate “ums,” “uhs,” and awkward pauses. You can even use a teleprompter for your cell phone as you shoot to keep your script within your field of vision.

Want to launch your content-creating career by filming professional-quality TikTok videos? With practice, confidence, and the right equipment on your side, you can achieve that goal. Let Glide Gear’s pro tips for aspiring TikTokers inspire you to experiment and create your own unique filming style.



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