Overhead Camera Rigs

An overhead camera rig is ideal for positioning a camera above a subject. Whether you’re creating content for food photography, jewelry pictures, product assemblies, or a tutorial... the applications are endless. Glide Gear’s overhead DSLR rigs are also exceptionally convenient for holding mics, lights, and any other accessories related to your camera. Our inventory includes smartphone overhead video stands if you’re using your phone to shoot videos of any kind. If you’re setting up a larger shoot for a musical performance or any other artistic video, be sure to check out our light rig and overhead camera rig modular system. No matter the size of your project, Glide Gear has an overhead DSLR rig for your needs.

Sold Out Glide Gear OH 100 - Professional Overhead Flat Lay Camera Platform
Sold Out Glide Gear OH 50 - Camera/Smartphone Photo Video Overhead Stand
Glide Gear OH 75 - Overhead Camera Rig Pole Mount System for C-Stands
Glide Gear OH 150 Overhead Camera / Light Rig Modular System
Glide Gear OHX-1 Overhead OH 100- 42" Extension Bar
Glide Gear XOH150 Track Bracket
Glide Gear OH 100 Camera Sled
Glide Gear OH 200 Modular/Adjustable Video Camera Smartphone Overhead Rig Mount
Glide Gear DST 50 Multi Mount Home Studio Desktop Video Stand Holder Rig
Glide Gear OH 100 Hardware Replacement Kit
Glide Gear DST100 Desktop Studio Zoom Podcast Live Streaming Meeting Multi Mount
Glide Gear XSY 101 - 4ft Aluminum OH150 Overhead Extensions



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