Glide Gear Affiliate Program

Glide Gear is proud to be the number one provider of professional-grade camera equipment and accessories. We specialize in several products, including teleprompters, overhead systems, rigs and support systems, tripods, and studio equipment. We also carry lighting equipment and related accessories to help make your shoot as professional as possible. Here at Glide Gear, we have recently rolled out what we call the Glide Gear affiliate program. Are you somebody who values high-quality professional camera equipment and or looking to make a few extra bucks? We want you to become a partner of Glide Gear!

Maybe you’re somebody within the camera and film industry looking for a reputable brand to partner with—if so, we are here to help. We are looking for individuals with a social media following to promote or spread awareness of our brand. In fact, we designed our Glide Gear affiliate program for anybody who wants to promote and stand behind our range of products and equipment. We recognize, in today’s day and age, that having an online presence is a major factor in an organization’s overall growth. With much consideration, we have decided to offer this program to anyone who is willing to sign up. There are many benefits to becoming a partner of Glide Gear. Aside from being associated and affiliated with one of the top suppliers of innovative camera equipment, we give 15% of each sale made to the affiliate. The more you can promote Glide Gear via social media and various platforms, the more money you will make. There is unlimited potential for you to make some extra cash and become partners with an organic and growing organization. The great thing about promoting via social media is that you are aware of your target audience, so it’s that much easier to reach the people you know will be receptive! If you want to become a brand ambassador and affiliate partner of Glide Fear, please use the sign-up box, and we will be in contact with you!

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