Camera Stabilization & Video Equipment

Capture and share life’s most interesting moments with Glide Gear’s custom designed camera stabilization & video equipment

Camera Stabilizers

Camera Stabilizers

When set up time and space are at a minimum our hand held stabilizer line is the perfect tool. These light weight camera stabilizers deliver smooth results in the palm of your hand.

Camera Slider


Sliders are used to create fluid transitions and establishing shots. Sliders allow for a cinematic shift in foreground and background perspectives.

Camera Stabilization

Vest & Arm Systems

When paired with our DNA stabilizers the DNA 6001 & 6002 can take fluid motion to new heights. Walk, run, or chase the perfect smooth shot.

Camera Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

It no longer takes expensive, heavy equipment to achieve high to low transitions shots. Our 4ft portable jib sets up in minutes and delivers amazing results that don’t break the bank.


Glide Gear, LLC was started in 2010 by a group of amateur digital film makers hell bent on producing beautiful and quality imagery without losing the shirts off their backs. This desire has propelled them into researching, developing, designing, and finding ways to manufacture the high-quality equipment that allow for just that. Now, Glide Gear collaborates with top professionals in the film, engineering, and design industries to keep finding ways to stay abreast of the latest technology and to make sure to deliver the in-demand cinema accessory film-heads are asking for.


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Camera Stabilization & Video Equipment


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Camera Stabilization & Video Equipment


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Camera Stabilization & Video Equipment


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