Glide Gear has aggressive plans and designs and innovative professional-quality equipment at revolutionary budget-friendly price points. Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Glide Gear has a wide availability of DSLR camera stabilizers, sliders, teleprompters and other video equipment. As more and more amateur video enthusiasts are clamoring for newer, more sophisticated accessories and gear, Glide Gear provides a slew of products to answer this very demand. Glide Gear made its foray into the market with the introduction of their very first product, a camera stabilizer. Its immediate success led to the development of complementary products and other accessories.

Following their debut product, Glide Gear announced the launch of their site and new product lines that focus on advanced camera accessories geared for more complex shooting and video work. Items like camera sliders, jib cranes, teleprompters and track dollies are featured at www.glidegear.net at incredible price points. “We’re concentrating on making more of these products within reach to all filmmakers. To get them equipped with the tools they need and help turn their creative vision into reality,” shares Glide Gear CEO Bryan Devereux.

Making this all possible is Glide Gear’s concentration on streamlined design and advanced manufacturing processes. Now, avid digital filmmakers can have the technology they need to achieve the stunning visual imagery once limited to those with access to big-budget, professional equipment.



Koncept Innovators, LLC, d/b/a Glide Gear, was started in 2010 by a group of amateur digital film makers hell bent on producing beautiful and quality imagery without losing the shirts off their backs. This desire has propelled them into researching, developing, designing and finding ways to manufacture the high-quality equipment that allow for just that. Now, Glide Gear collaborates with top professionals in the film, engineering and design industries to keep finding ways to stay abreast of the latest technology and to make sure to deliver the in-demand cinema accessory film-heads are asking for.

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