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TMP 50:

Our smartphone adjustable, collapsible teleprompter

TMP 100:

Our bestselling adjustable, collapsible teleprompter. Accommodates any smartphone or tablet up to 10.5"x 7.5"

TMP 500:

Larger than the TMP 100, the TMP 500 design allows you to add this set up to any shoulder rig system with 15mm rails

 TMP 750:

Can accommodate any smartphone or tablet as well as most laptops. 

Face to Face Teleprompter:

 The Face 2 Face unit allows the interviewer to have a conversation while the interviewee’s eye line is directly into the lens.

Overhead Rigs/Mounting Systems


OH 50:

The OH50 allows the camera/bar to be horizontally positioned for overhead/top down photo and video shots. Perfect for product photography and "how to" videos.


OH 75:

The OH 75 is a simple and extremely versatile camera platform for overhead video or photography. Simply get a rail cut to the length you need at your local hardware store. Ideal for food photography or assembly video/tutorial.

OH 100:

The OH100 gives you a stable camera platform for overhead video or photography. The included clamps give you the ability to hold any color poster board for a backdrop cyclorama. Ideal for food photography or assembly video/tutorial.


OH 150:

The Glide Gear OH 150 allows you multiple overhead camera/ lighting options. Multiple 1/4 20 and 3/8 mounting holes and easy click in system.  Kit includes adapters to attach junior, baby or tripod stands. 


DST 50:

Mount the DST 50 near you computer or workbench using the table clamp or a C-stand and start filming yourself while gaming, doing a product review, an assembly tutorial or product photography. The possibilities are endless.


DST 100:

The Glide Gear DST 100 allows you to create your own little home studio by simply holding your camera and any accessory you need on one simple apparatus. It can be mounted on a C-stand, a desktop or on its stand and comes with a mic arm in addition to a friction arm to hold other accessories such as a ring light.


Rigs & Support Systems


POV 100

The Glide Gear POV100 is a professional helmet rig that allows film makers to shoot immersive POV content with professional DSLR cameras.


SNC 100:

The Glide Gear SNC 100 is a body mount rig that creates camera moves that are inspired by the natural movement of the subject being filmed.  The SNC 100 presents a dynamic point of view allowing for immersive first person POV shots or shots that capture the actor statically moving around in a scene-creating a surreal sense of floating.


The Glide Gear Gimbal Halo allows you to attach any single arm gimbal with a 1/4 20 mounting screw. It increases stability with 2 hand use, reduces arm fatigue and allows the ability to attach accessories.

MED 100:

The Medusa MED 100 body Vest allows you to attach your GoPro or DSLR to a body harness. Better yet, attach 2,3,4 or go all out and attach 8! The Medusa Vest is your ticket to an easy multiple, 3rd or 1st POV camera angles.  Use also the Medusa Vest to mount extra lights, mics, monitor or battery to your body.

DAR 100:

The dutch angle or tilt is a classic trick to give a dramatic effect to a scene by setting the camera at an angle. A rotating shot is another effect to increase the impact of a scene. 


G2G 500/505/505+

Motorized gimbals are heavy on your arms, especially on a long shoot. Motorized gimbals help keeping your camera leveled but there is only so much they can do when fatigue kicks in and your arm starts moving side to side or up and down. A vest and arm system, such as the Glide Gear DNA 6000 or DNA 6002, can solve all these problems. Here comes the G2G 500, that lets you mount your motorized gimbal on your vest and arm system that helps you

DNA 6000/6000+

The most well-balanced, versatile, lightweight gimbal vest and arm system now within your reach.


Studio Equipment

TST 20:

Get your camera high above the crowd with the Sky High 20 ft Tripod. Sturdy design with latches that are designed to not loosen over time and don't require tightening


TST 100:

10 ft. tall tripod. Don't let anything in the way of your shot. Ideal for wedding, sport events or real estate photography or video.


GG 665:

Fluid head tripod with quick release & 3-section stability.

SB 200:

The Glide Gear SB200 Portable Vocal Sound Booth is designed to shield microphones from echo and reverberations. The Glide Gear SB200 is completely mobile, folds into an easy to carry bag and can be mounted on any light stand, C Stand or tripod. Ideal for recording on the go.


TUBI is the smallest and most versatile smart phone gadget ever.  Besides being a super compact holder for every phone on the market, TUBI has three configurations to choose from to adapt your phone to any situation. Includes Movie mode, Facetime mode, & Handheld mode.

 BFS 100:

 The Glide Gear BFS 100 is a modular system that can be quickly assembled in 1 of 3 configurations depending on your needs: either 4ft by 4ft, 6ft by 6ft or 8ft by 8ft. 

BCK 50:

The Glide Gear  BCK  50 is a backdrop kit, ideal for a portable studio.


SXB 100:

The SBX 100 is a quick simple solution that allows you to black light or sound with 1 c-stand. Our 8x8 light / sound diffusing blanket attaches to the pole with 5x mounting finger screws.



DEV 4:

The DEV 4 features a custom-designed base plate and frictionless wheel platform that provides glass-like movement while tracking subjects. The 4-ft 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum rails locks into the custom tripod mounts to provide a wide range of sliding shots with various focal lengths. 


DEV 10:

The Dev Dolly Pro kit is a rugged and portable dolly solution for filmmakers wanting a small footprint on set without sacrificing stability or safety.  The versatility of the Dev Dolly universal track mounting system means you can mount to any metal rail that is 1-2 inches


SYL 960:

The SYL 960 will allow any videographer to take professional looking videos for a fraction of the price of a standard track dolly. The Glide Gear SYL 960 is of comparable quality with more expensive dollies available in the market, and has unique features that make it even better!

JB 4:

Introducing the latest in portable camera crane design from Glide Gear. The Quick Jib boasts unique features like dual camera placement, you can choose to place your camera/tripod head on the L-bracket or the top of the jib, or you can place two cameras on the jib at the same time to get two similar but different repeatable perspectives on your shot. The possibilities are staggering.

JB 8:

The Quick Jib is made from lightweight 6061 CNC machined aluminum, with tight tolerances, and a sleek black scratch-resistant coating for smooth operation. Designed for DSLR cameras, it can easily be set up and put away in  so you can conveniently bring it with you to any location.  Our quick easy set up is designed for the run and gun shooter so you never miss a shot!

LL 100:

The Glide Gear Laylow Mounting plate is the most universal tool you will have in your bag. 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded studs can accept most tripod heads, cold shoe adapters, or other compatible gear. Our accessories allow Laylow to be transformed into a suction mount or skater dolly. 


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