What You Should Know Before Filming a Concert
02 Jan

What You Should Know Before Filming a Concert

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or seasoned videographer, you’re likely to be tasked with filming a concert at some point. It’s a thrilling opportunity, but it also presents unique challenges that require careful planning and preparation. Before you begin filming a concert, you should be aware of several factors that can influence the quality of the finished recording. Let’s take a closer look at the components of a captivating concert film.

Understand the Venue Layout

Familiarize yourself with the concert venue before you start planning your recording approach. The layout of the stage, the placement of the band, and the positioning of the lights will all influence how you film. For example, you can use an overhead camera stand to capture all the performers at a unique angle.


The first time you visit the venue, locate the power outlets right away to determine the best spots for setting up cameras.

Gain Permission and Rights

Do you have all the necessary permissions to film the performers and the audience? Discuss your needs with the venue owners beforehand. You may even need to acquire the rights to the music being performed in order to film it. Get all your permissions in writing to avoid potential legal disputes down the line.

Prepare for Lighting Challenges

Concerts often involve dynamic lighting conditions that can pose significant challenges for filming. Anticipate rapid changes in lighting, from strobe lights to dimly lit scenes, and prepare to adjust your camera settings accordingly. You’ll need a high-quality camera capable of handling low-light situations, and you’ll have to adjust your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings as needed.

Capture Crisp Sound

Sound is perhaps the most vital element of concert filming. Invest in top-of-the-line audio recording equipment and experiment beforehand to learn how to use it effectively. You may want to use a combination of direct sound feeds from the venue’s soundboard and ambient microphones to capture the crowd’s reactions.


Synchronize the audio and video during post-production to create a seamless concert experience for viewers at home.

Before you film a concert, you should know that the process goes beyond merely pointing a camera at the stage. It requires a careful blend of preparation, technical prowess, and adaptability. Each concert is a unique entity with its own set of challenges and opportunities, so remain agile and focus on capturing a one-of-a-kind experience.



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