Equipment You’ll Need To Start Your Videography Career
24 Aug

Equipment You’ll Need To Start Your Videography Career

Upgrade your production value with the right filmmaking tools if you’ve always gravitated towards video production, whether as a hobby or a career. Learning to use new equipment is an essential skill you’ll need to start your videography career. Get started with this essential gear and experiment with it to create unique video content.


This piece of equipment may seem like an obvious place to start, but a high-quality camera can boost the professionalism and overall production value of your videos. Many content creators use their smartphones to capture interesting moments on video, but you’ll do better with a standard DSLR model.

DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras aren’t just for photography; they also capture crisp and stunning video. Consider using a mirrorless DSLR camera with autofocus features that allow you to shoot quickly at a higher frame rate.

Stabilizing Equipment

Minimize blur and shake in your video footage by mounting your camera to stabilizing equipment. It can be as simple and standard as a tripod, or as adventurous as a stabilizer vest rig.

Depending on the type of video you want to shoot, an overhead camera rig may be beneficial to you. Overhead rigs are especially helpful for recipe walk-throughs and how-to videos, as they show the entire project in a stable shot.

Sound Equipment

You’ll want to capture audio as cleanly as possible with minimal background noise if people are speaking in your video. While your camera has a built-in microphone, the audio it picks up will be of amateur quality.

Try one or more of these microphones for crisper audio:

  • Dynamic microphone: a classic “studio mic” with unidirectional pickup.
  • Lavalier microphone: a portable mic that clips to your speaker’s clothing.
  • Shotgun microphone: a mic with wide directionality that blocks out background noise.

Lighting Equipment

You’ll do well to take advantage of ambient natural light if you’re just getting started in the world of videography. A reflector will help you amplify that existing light and point it in your intended direction.

Three-point lighting is a common technique that incorporates a key light, a fill light, and a backlight to illuminate the subject. Plenty of lighting kits are available on the market that include everything you need for a three-point setup.

Looking to start a career in videography? Fill your toolkit with all the essential equipment you’ll need, including a reliable camera and adequate sound and lighting gear. The equipment you choose will help you improve your skills and create videos with impressive production value!



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