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Why Having a Good DSLR Camera Rig Is Important
17 Sep

Why Having a Good DSLR Camera Rig Is Important

A DSLR camera provides several advantages over both smartphones and larger video cameras. It’s more portable than a big video camera and provides higher-quality footage than a smartphone. How can you use this quality piece to your advantage? Invest in one of Glide Gear’s camera rigs to bring your photos and video footage to the next level. Here’s why having a good DSLR camera rig is important.

Shake-Free Shots

When you shoot with your DSLR camera in your hands, with no stabilizing force, your shots can get blurry. Avoid the messy DIY style of a found-footage horror movie by stabilizing your camera. Get the same effect with a POV rig—you’ll still bring your audience into your point of view without giving them motion sickness!

Camera Protection

Because a DSLR camera is so lightweight compared to a traditional video camera, a rig adds weight and prevents it from shaking—or falling. The rig provides an even and balanced distribution of weight and secures the camera to a framework. With a good camera rig, if you bump into something or someone while shooting, your camera won’t sustain any damage.

Ease of Movement

With a setup like a POV rig, you don’t have to exert extra effort to keep your camera steady. Point-of-view filming is often associated with a shaky camera and a low-budget look. Bring your POV footage to the next level by executing smooth shots without straining your muscles trying to keep the camera still. Gliding movement will be easier on your body and less stressful on your mind when you’ve got your camera attached to a rig.

Add a crucial stabilizing force to your camera equipment cache by investing in a high-quality rig. Your lightweight DSLR camera will have more heft and stability as you shoot, and you’ll keep your camera safe from bumps and falls. Glide Gear’s selection of camera rigs has something for every shooting style. Learn what your style is and remember why having a good DSLR camera rig is important.



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