When To Use Dolly Track Systems for Filming
11 Mar

When To Use Dolly Track Systems for Filming

What does a dolly track system do for a film’s style and narrative? When should you use a dolly track system for filming your next masterpiece?

Dolly track systems play an integral role in shaping the visual narrative of a feature or short film. These ingenious devices can enhance not only the aesthetic of your film but also the depth of its storytelling.

Tracking Shot

In a tracking shot, the subject moves within the frame and the camera follows them, maintaining an even distance. Imagine a scene in which a detective is walking down a long, dimly lit corridor, with secrets lurking behind every door. The dolly track system glides along with the detective, keeping them centered in the frame. This strategy creates a sense of anticipation and suspense among viewers.

Dolly Zoom

This technique is also known as the Vertigo effect. The dolly zoom involves moving the camera closer or further away from the subject while adjusting the zoom to keep the subject the same size in frame. While the subject stays at the same size, the background appears to change in distance, creating a disorienting, surreal effect.

Continuous Shot

A continuous shot can last for several minutes and involve complex movements through various settings. The dolly track system allows the camera to move smoothly through these environments, capturing the action as it unfolds without interruption. This technique can immerse the audience in the narrative and make them feel like they’re a part of the scene.

Pro Tip:

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Depth for Static Scenes

Instead of having the camera remain stationary while the action unfolds, a dolly can move the camera subtly closer to or further away from the scene. This movement can highlight important details, create dynamic visual interest, or direct the viewer’s attention to specific aspects of the action. An extra layer of visual complexity enhances the film’s overall storytelling power.

Don’t discount the power of a dolly track system as a part of your filmmaking toolkit! There are numerous ways to use a dolly track system as you film your story. Steer your film toward cinematic brilliance by moving your camera along this ingenious track.



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