What To Know Before You Use a Camera Stabilizer
21 Jul

What To Know Before You Use a Camera Stabilizer

You’ve started pursuing videography in earnest. You’ve invested in high-quality camera equipment and are looking forward to shooting with clarity, precision, and fluid movement. But before you get to work on your next masterpiece, you’ll need to learn how to utilize that equipment to your advantage. Here’s what to know before you use a camera stabilizer—a crucial element in adding professionalism to your work.

Be Weight-Conscious

How much equipment will you be carrying around while you shoot? There are many accessory and attachment options for a camera stabilizer, but keep in mind that you’ll be carrying (and likely wearing) it for extended periods of time. Handheld stabilizers are perfect for quicker shots, but if you’ll be filming all day, consider how heavy it may feel by the end. Shed any unnecessary weight from your stabilizer and make economical use of the equipment you’ve got.

Counterbalance Is Key

Perfect balance is what keeps the camera movement smooth, of course. Keep in mind how heavy your camera is and apply counterweights as necessary. Adjust as you need to while you practice moving around with the stabilizer (see below).

Get Used To the Rig

To achieve that feeling of weightlessness in your shots, you’ll need to practice moving and walking around while wearing the stabilizer vest rig. You’ll be moving in a different way than you’re used to, and it can be stressful on your body without regular practice. Your precision of movement will keep those long tracking shots from wobbling.

Keep Wheels on Hand

A stabilizer rig that you wear on your body allows a wide range of movement, but walking with it can be physically taxing after a while. Keep a skateboard or a bike with your camera equipment, and let the wheels do some of that movement for you when you feel your body getting tired.

A high-quality camera stabilizer can change the game with your filmmaking. GlideGear offers a wide range of equipment that will add fluidity of movement and a professional touch to your videos. These tips on what to know before using a camera stabilizer have set you up for directorial success!



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