What To Know About Shooting Videos in Direct Sunlight
What To Know About Shooting Videos in Direct Sunlight
12 Dec

What To Know About Shooting Videos in Direct Sunlight

As you navigate the vibrant world of videography, you’ll encounter the stark, unrelenting brilliance of the sun at some point. Don’t hide in the shadows; you can absolutely shoot videos in direct sunlight while preserving the integrity and clarity of your shots. Let’s delve deeper into the technical nuances and other things you should know about shooting in the sun.

Understand Light Intensity and Direction

When the sun reaches its peak around midday, the light it emits can be harsh and intense, causing overexposed footage and dark shadows. Take advantage of the position of the sun as you plan your shoot! Early mornings and late afternoons, often termed the golden hours, offer softer light and longer shadows that are ideal for shooting videos.

Pro Tip:

Consider positioning your onscreen subjects with the sun behind them, or use it as a backlight to avoid overexposure and squinting.

Utilize Equipment To Mitigate Effects

As you shoot in the sun, consider using reflectors to bounce off the harsh light or a light scrim to soften it, minimizing shadows and balancing the overall lighting. Neutral density (ND) filters are another handy tool you can attach to your camera lens. They act like sunglasses, reducing the amount of light that reaches the sensor without affecting the color of the shot.

Adjust Camera Settings Appropriately

Lower the sensitivity settings (ISO) on your camera to their smallest values to reduce your camera’s reactivity to light. In addition, adjusting the aperture (f-stop) will help control the amount of light that enters the lens. A higher f-stop number means a smaller aperture, which allows less light in and provides a greater depth of field.

Good To Know:

The International Organization for Standardization developed ISO settings, which assign an objective numerical value to your camera’s light sensitivity.

Incorporate Sunlight Creatively

Don’t view direct sunlight as a hindrance; embrace it as a creative element in your shots! The sun flare effect, where sunlight directly enters the lens, creates a washed-out or dreamy effect. If you’re shooting during sunrise or sunset, experiment with silhouettes to add depth and mystery to your subject.

The intensity of direct sunlight should not hamper your creativity as you shoot videos; you should know how to harness its unique features to experiment and innovate. Understand the dynamics of the sun as it moves across the sky and manipulate it to your advantage. Stay adaptable and prepare to improvise as the natural light of the sun challenges you!



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