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Understanding How a 3-Axis Gimbal Works
19 Jan

Understanding How a 3-Axis Gimbal Works

If you keep up with film technology in any way, shape, or form, you’ve almost certainly heard of a gimbal. Maybe you’ve used one in your own filming or have watched someone else use one. Have you ever wondered how they work? This guide to understanding how a 3-axis gimbal works will help you better understand the technology filmmakers use.

What Is a Gimbal?

A gimbal is a piece of film equipment that helps make filming and transitions smoother. Gimbals are a type of camera stabilizer that keeps the camera and filming stable, even on bumpy or shaky surfaces or when the videographer has an unsteady hand.

How Do They Work?

A 3-axis gimbal, as the name suggests, has three axes that aid in the stabilization of filming. The three axes—yaw, pitch, and roll—and their purposes are explained below.

Yaw (Pan)

The yaw axis, or the pan axis, is located beneath the camera and allows the camera to move left and right while filming. Pan is often used to follow a person or object that is moving horizontally.

Pitch (Tilt)

The pitch axis, or the tilt axis, moves the camera up and down. This axis is useful when filming objects that are falling down or a subject traveling up or down stairs.


The roll axis moves the camera horizontally. This axis is often used to maintain focus on a subject that is moving around in a shot. They can be used to make adjustments to the shot when the camera or the subject moves forward or backward, keeping the same point in focus despite the movement.

Understanding how a 3-axis gimbal works is essential to understanding how shots taken with a gimbal can be so smooth. Because they are able to move along three different axes, 3-axis gimbals are able to counteract any unintentional motion of the camera while filming. As such, gimbals are great for all kinds of filming and shots, including pan shots, tracking shots, and other kinds of shots that require smooth transitions. If you think a gimbal might be the right accessory for your next film project, consider getting your equipment from Glide Gear. We carry 3-axis camera gimbals and many other camera accessories that help you take all your shots with professional quality.



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