The Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter: Revolutionizing Teleprompting in Video Production
24 Jul

The Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter: Revolutionizing Teleprompting in Video Production


In the world of video production, delivering clear and compelling content often requires on-camera talent to deliver their lines flawlessly. Teleprompters have become invaluable tools in this regard, providing a way for speakers to read scripts while maintaining eye contact with the camera. Glide Gear, a reputable manufacturer of camera gear and accessories, has introduced the F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter, a cutting-edge teleprompter designed to enhance the efficiency and professionalism of video production. This article explores the features, benefits, and practical applications of the Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter.

Understanding Teleprompters in Video Production

The Role of Teleprompters

Teleprompters are devices used to display scripts or prompts for on-camera talent or presenters to read while looking directly into the camera lens. They are invaluable tools in various video production scenarios, including news broadcasting, corporate presentations, interviews, and educational content creation. Teleprompters help speakers maintain a natural flow of speech while delivering content without the need to memorize long scripts.

The Evolution of Teleprompter Technology

Teleprompters have evolved significantly over the years, from the traditional “prompt cards” to modern electronic devices. Early teleprompters involved scrolling text on a sheet of glass positioned in front of the camera lens. Today, teleprompters use advanced software and display systems, providing a smoother and more dynamic teleprompting experience.

Introducing the Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter

Design and Build Quality

The Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter boasts a sleek and professional design, constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability during video shoots. The prompter features a beam splitter glass system, which allows the text to be reflected at an angle, enabling the talent to read the script while still maintaining eye contact with the camera.

Compatibility and Versatility

The F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter is designed to accommodate various camera sizes, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and even smartphones. Its adjustable mounting system ensures a secure fit for different camera models, making it a versatile tool for video creators using various equipment setups.

Software Compatibility

The prompter is compatible with popular teleprompter software applications available on both desktop and mobile platforms. This compatibility allows users to seamlessly integrate the F2F 25 with their preferred teleprompting software, offering a familiar and user-friendly experience.

Benefits and Advantages

Enhanced Performance and Professionalism

The Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter empowers on-camera talent to deliver lines confidently and naturally, elevating the overall quality and professionalism of video productions. With the ability to maintain eye contact with the camera, presenters can establish a stronger connection with the audience, enhancing engagement and credibility.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Using a teleprompter significantly reduces the time required for multiple takes and retakes due to forgotten lines or stumbling over words. This increased efficiency translates into cost savings during video production, making the F2F 25 an attractive investment for content creators and production companies alike.

Seamless Script Editing and Customization

Teleprompting software often allows for real-time script editing and customization, enabling last-minute changes and adjustments to the content. The F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter seamlessly integrates with popular teleprompting software, providing users with flexibility and convenience during the production process.

Increased Accessibility for Presenters

The Glide Gear F2F 25 is compatible with smartphones, offering a more accessible teleprompting solution for content creators who prefer using their phones for recording. This feature is especially valuable for solo content creators and vloggers who may not have access to dedicated camera equipment.

Practical Applications of the F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter

News Broadcasting and Interviews

In news broadcasting and interview settings, teleprompters are essential for delivering accurate information and maintaining a professional demeanor. The F2F 25 allows news anchors and reporters to read breaking news scripts effortlessly, providing viewers with accurate and engaging news coverage.

Educational Content Creation

For educational content creators, the F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter can significantly simplify the process of delivering lessons and tutorials. Teachers and instructors can focus on presenting material effectively without the need to memorize extensive scripts, ensuring a smoother learning experience for students.

Corporate Presentations and Marketing Videos

In corporate settings, teleprompters play a vital role in delivering impactful presentations and marketing messages. The F2F 25 enhances the delivery of speeches and product demonstrations, helping businesses create compelling videos to engage clients and stakeholders.


The Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter represents a remarkable advancement in teleprompting technology, revolutionizing the way video creators deliver content. Its sleek design, compatibility with various camera models, and integration with popular teleprompting software make it a versatile and efficient tool for video production. By empowering presenters and on-camera talent to deliver lines confidently while maintaining eye contact with the camera, the F2F 25 enhances the overall quality and professionalism of video content.

As video production continues to play a crucial role in various industries, teleprompters like the F2F 25 will remain essential tools for content creators seeking efficient and engaging presentations. With its array of benefits and practical applications, the Glide Gear F2F 25 Periscope Teleprompter proves to be a valuable asset for professionals in news broadcasting, educational content creation, corporate presentations, and other video production endeavors.



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