The Dutch Angle: Tips for Success
09 Mar

The Dutch Angle: Tips for Success

Are you looking to add some variety to your film project with unique shots and angles? Then the Dutch angle might just be the perfect angle to experiment with. Here are some tips for success when using the Dutch angle.

What Is the Dutch Angle?

The Dutch angle is a non-traditional type of shot in which the camera is adjusted on its roll axis to achieve a slightly tilted shot. Contrary to its name, the Dutch angle originated with German filmmakers in the early 1900s and is closely connected to German Expressionism. Because a Dutch angle is off-kilter rather than straight, it helps filmmakers create and communicate feelings of discomfort, unsettlement, and disorientation in their films.

Tips for Using the Dutch Angle

The Dutch angle is fun to play around with, but it takes skill, precision, and practice to execute the angle well. To start, try utilizing these tips.

Know When To Use It

To pull off the Dutch angle in your filming, you need to know when to use it. You probably don’t want to use a Dutch angle while filming an instructional video; however, it would be a great shot to capture a character’s face as they receive tragic news or to visually demonstrate the intensity of a scene.

Pick the Right Angle

When using a Dutch angle, you can also choose the degree of the angle at which you shoot. An angle with a smaller degree will be subtler than a large degree. Decide how great you want the degree of the angle to be in light of the effect you want in the scene.

Use the Right Equipment

Shooting a Dutch angle is much easier when you have the right equipment. If you place your camera on a tripod, you’ll be able to easily tilt and support it at your chosen angle. Positioning your camera on a POV rig or a slider can also help you get unique shots from a character’s point of view or combine the Dutch angle in your shot with other movements.

If you follow these tips for success when using the Dutch angle, you’ll soon master the shot and be able to easily identify appropriate moments to use it in your filming.



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