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The Different Types of Teleprompters
14 May

The Different Types of Teleprompters

Teleprompters are a helpful tool for any speaker presenting from a script. Whether you work in a television studio or create your own videos casually, a teleprompter could be just the tool you need to help your speakers feel at ease. Before choosing a teleprompter, learn a bit more about the different types of teleprompters available.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter

When you think of a teleprompter, a camera-mounted model is likely the one that comes to mind. This type of teleprompter projects a script onto the lens of a video camera using a system of light and mirrors or reflective panes of glass. Anyone using this teleprompter will be able to read their lines naturally without looking away from the camera. Camera-mounted teleprompters are typically used in television and film studios, as well as in other situations where the speaker must deliver lines directly to the camera.

iPad Teleprompter

An iPad teleprompter, or a mobile teleprompter, is similar to a camera-mounted teleprompter in all respects, except that the teleprompter’s monitor is replaced by an iPad or other mobile device. The iPad’s screen, rather than an attached monitor, projects the script onto the lens of the camera.

Floor or Stand Teleprompter

Unlike camera-mounted teleprompters, a floor or stand teleprompter is separate from the camera. Floor teleprompters are mounted on the floor at an angle, usually on either side of a speaker’s podium or at the front of a stage. Stand teleprompters are mounted on a stand in a similar position. These types of teleprompters may also hang at the back of a room behind an audience. Floor or stand teleprompters are best for speakers delivering to large audiences but may become a distraction to the speaker if placed incorrectly.

Presidential Teleprompter

If you’ve ever seen a US president speak on television, you’ve likely seen a presidential teleprompter without even realizing it. A presidential teleprompter is a transparent glass screen on a stand; at the bottom of the stand lies an upward-facing monitor that projects the script onto one side of the glass screen. Because of the way these teleprompters are designed, the script is visible to the speaker but is not visible on the back side of the glass. Typically, speakers use presidential monitors in pairs, with one positioned on either side of the podium.

Which type of teleprompter is best suited for your needs? Understanding how the different types of teleprompters work will help you decide. Regardless of which type you choose, Glide Gear has a range of teleprompters for sale from which you can make your selection. Browse our selection of teleprompters today.



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