The Basics of How a Teleprompter Works
19 Jan

The Basics of How a Teleprompter Works

Public speaking can be hard, especially in front of a large audience. Even if you knew the words before, it’s easy to forget them the moment that you walk on stage. Fortunately, teleprompters provide a simple solution to this problem. Read on to learn the basics of how a teleprompter works.

How Do Teleprompters Work?

A teleprompter includes a monitor and a reflective screen that sits in front of the camera lens. The monitor displays a mirrored version of the text the reader will be following, and that text then reflects onto the screen of glass in front of the camera lens. This reflective glass is called beam-splitter glass. It splits the beam of light in such a way that the person reading the teleprompter can see the reflected words on the camera lens but the camera itself cannot see the words. Operations for the teleprompters can come from a crewmember or wirelessly from the person using the teleprompter.

Types of Teleprompters

There are three main types of teleprompters: camera-mounted, presidential, and floor or stand teleprompters.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter

A camera-mounted teleprompter is the type described above, in which the text reflects onto a special pane of glass that covers the camera lens. This system enables a person to look at a camera and read a script at the same time. Camera-mounted teleprompters are best for situations without a live audience in which a speaker is being filmed for a virtual message.

Presidential Teleprompter

In a presidential teleprompter, the reflective glass attaches to the end of a long, thin pole rather than on a camera’s lens. Called “presidential” because they are often the teleprompter choice of presidents, these types of teleprompters work well for events with a live audience. Generally, the speaker will use two of these teleprompters—one on either side of him or her.

Floor or Stand Teleprompter

A floor or stand teleprompter rests on a stand, sits at an angle on the ground, or hangs at the back of the room. Though they are just as effective as camera-mounted and presidential teleprompters, this type of teleprompter may distract the speaker’s attention from the audience because of their positioning.

If you plan to use a teleprompter, be sure that you are familiar with the basics of how a teleprompter works. It will help the speaker’s delivery to seem natural and go over with no incident. If you’d like to purchase a teleprompter, be sure to check out Glide Gear. We have a number of teleprompters for sale that are compatible with phones, tablets, and other devices, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.



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