Standard Features of Teleprompters
23 Aug

Standard Features of Teleprompters

As you familiarize yourself with your camera-mounted teleprompter, get to know its basic components and how they work together. When you know the machine inside and out, you can use it more effectively and produce superior video footage. Check out these standard features of teleprompters.


First, let’s look at the journey those words take, from the writer who types them to the speaker who reads them. The software can accept something as simple as a Microsoft Word document. With a mirror setting, the computer can invert the text of the speech. That way, when the words are reflected on the teleprompter’s own mirror, the speaker can read them with ease.


Just like your computer’s monitor, a teleprompter monitor displays the text your speaker will read. And just like with your computer, you want your monitor to have a crisp, easy-to-read display. When you browse teleprompters for sale, keep an eye out for a high-resolution monitor. That monitor mounts directly under the camera lens, parallel to the floor, and attaches to a high-quality glass mirror that reflects the text.


This component is the most visible and helpful to the speaker reading the words. A high-quality mirror is essential, as it stands directly in front of the camera lens. An optical-grade coating allows the camera to see through the mirror with no obstacles or imperfections. The mirror stands perpendicular to the monitor to catch and reflect the words it displays. From the speaker’s point of view, that mirror is the source of bright, readable text.

Glide Gear offers a variety of teleprompters for sale, but you should know what to look for. Each component of your teleprompter is useless without the others, and when they work in tandem, they create a seamless experience for your speaker. When you know what the standard features of teleprompters are, you can more easily understand how they work and how you can use them effectively.



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