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Reasons To Invest in a Camera Stabilizer
15 Mar

Reasons To Invest in a Camera Stabilizer

Anyone who has shot footage by simply holding a camera in their hands likely knows how difficult it can be to keep the camera steady. As such, camera stabilizers are commonly considered one of the must-have tools for filmmaking these days. Not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons to invest in a camera stabilizer.

Stabilizes Your Shots

As its name suggests, a camera stabilizer stabilizes your shots during filming. This is particularly true for moving shots, which might otherwise be bumpy, shaky, and jarring to an audience. A camera stabilizer allows you to capture smooth, professional footage as you pan, swivel the camera, or walk behind your subject while filming a tracking shot.

Helpful for Positioning

Have you ever struggled to suspend your camera at the perfect angle for long enough to record a good shot? A camera stabilizer solves this problem. When you use a camera stabilizer, you can adjust your camera to a given angle, and the stabilizer will hold the camera at that angle until you move it again. This works for all angles, even very high and low ones that would put a strain on your body if you were to shoot without a stabilizer.

Convenient To Use

Operating certain kinds of camera stabilizers takes some practice, but overall, they are very easy and convenient to use. Stabilizers require very little setup—just mount your camera on the stabilizer, balance the apparatus properly, and begin shooting. On certain stabilizers, you can also attach other film accessories such as microphones and lights.


In combination with all these other points, one of the most convincing reasons to invest in a camera stabilizer is its affordability. Camera stabilizers come in a variety of styles with varying price ranges; however, these days, you can purchase a good camera stabilizer for a relatively cheap price. Considering all their benefits, it’s certainly worth making the investment if you’re serious about filmmaking.

Have these reasons convinced you that you need a camera stabilizer? If so, check out Glide Gear’s supply of camera stabilizers and other film equipment. From a stabilizer vest rig to one for your smartphone, you’re sure to find a great stabilizer to add to your collection of film equipment.



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