Practical Accessories for Camera Stabilizers
Practical Accessories for Camera Stabilizers
20 Jul

Practical Accessories for Camera Stabilizers

As you prepare to shoot the perfect promo, YouTube video, or feature film, it takes time to choose the right camera equipment. A stabilizer is crucial for creating smooth, seamless footage. Depending on your filmmaking needs, you can help that stabilizer perform at its best with a few add-ons. Here are a few of the most practical accessories for camera stabilizers.


A Steadicam isolates the camera movement from the movement of its operator and allows you to shoot without fear of shaking or tilting. It absorbs all the bumps of natural human movement and does not affect the shot. You can add or remove balance weights as necessary, so do some test shots to find what weight works best for you.

Arm Support

Save your body the extra strain of constant smooth movement by giving your arms a rest. This goes double if you’re wearing the stabilizer on a vest. Invest in shoulder padding and arm supports to make long shooting days more comfortable.


A gimbal is a pivoted support system that allows fluid movement on three axes. People have used gimbals in one form or another for hundreds of years, often for compasses. The modern gimbal, however, can make or break your tracking shots. You can choose between a handheld variety or a gimbal vest to capture smooth shots from varying angles. They work like a smaller version of a Steadicam—perfect for outdoor or on-location shoots.


A monopod, like its name suggests, is a one-legged version of a tripod. It’s quicker to set up, and you can extend or retract it to the length you need. Monopods reduce that faint shake you often get from handheld cameras and can rest on the operator’s hip or belt to track movement relative to the body. They’re often referred to as “beltpods” for this reason.

A camera stabilizer is an invaluable part of your filmmaking toolbox, and many add-ons can make its movement even smoother. Let these practical accessories for camera stabilizers become a part of your everyday shooting gear.



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