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How To Properly Store a Video Camera Rig
29 Oct

How To Properly Store a Video Camera Rig

As you continue to invest in quality equipment like professional video camera rigs, you’ll want them to last for a good while. Avoid having to buy rigs and equipment twice by keeping your current stuff in good shape. Learn how to properly store a video camera rig, and it’ll last you for many movies to come.

Keep It Dry

Nothing damages sensitive equipment quite like moisture buildup. After you’re done using your equipment, wipe it dry in case any sweat or outside moisture crept in while you were shooting. Humidity-controlled cabinets and rechargeable silica tins (not unlike the little packs you find in new shoes) are popular options for equipment storage. If you don’t have access to either, find the driest place in your house or workspace and keep your rig there.

Mind the Temperature

As with many other sensitive items, camera rigs are best stored in a cool, dry place. Keep the temperature in your studio steady and just a little bit brisk. Too much heat invites humidity, and too much cold air makes equipment more brittle and harder to maneuver.

Store Securely

When you’re transporting your rig, avoid bumps and scratches by keeping it in a cushioned container. Many filmmakers opt for a hard container (like a plastic bin) with hard foam egg crates inside. If you’re so inclined, choose a lockable container for extra security. Provide as much padding as possible so your prized professional video camera rig doesn’t get jostled in transit. Make sure your storage container is dry before loading anything in.

Keep Everything Organized

Be smart about the storage options in your studio. Organize your equipment in a way that’s both easy to navigate and supremely secure. Some filmmakers have a system of drawers and shelves for their equipment: cameras and lenses in padded drawers, rigs and big stuff visible on shelves.

Ensure a long, productive life for your camera rig by giving it a little extra TLC. Store and transport it in heavily cushioned containers, and remain vigilant in keeping moisture away from it. Glide Gear’s handy guide on how to properly store a video camera rig will help you grow your filmmaking career without constantly buying new equipment.



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