How Social Media Has Changed the Film Industry
21 Jul

How Social Media Has Changed the Film Industry

Movies have changed wildly since their invention. Each generation of filmgoers has had a different set of expectations for their entertainment. Even movies made twenty years ago—before the birth of social media as we know it—are distinctly different. Where are everyone’s smartphones? How is everybody communicating without the internet? Social media has changed the film industry permanently—but how?

The Power of the Crowd

When you have an active fanbase on social media, you may not have to spend as much money on marketing as you think. Filmmakers of today tease their audiences with short trailers and video clips that generate social media buzz. If all your friends are talking about a certain movie on Facebook, you might be more likely to check it out. If a movie has an ambiguous ending, fans may take to Twitter to ask, “Where’s the sequel?”

Market Research

When a filmmaker has an idea for a movie, they now have immediate access to a variety of potential viewers. They can keep their finger on the pulse of what fans of a given genre want. Some horror fans may still enjoy the shaky-cam style famously used in The Blair Witch Project, while others prefer smoother shots captured with professional filming equipment, such as the variety offered by GlideGear. The filmmaker can gain familiarity with their target audience and make informed creative decisions.

Clever Campaigns

Many filmmakers tease their fans with potential spoilers to get them talking. Others create contests with tantalizing prizes, such as a visit with the star of the movie or a signed copy of the screenplay. As more people engage with the campaign, the movie gets more buzz and gains potential viewers.

Immediate Feedback

Remember when that sneak peek of Sonic the Hedgehog came out? The movie was already well into production, but potential viewers immediately took to social media to lambast the animation. (If you recall, the original character design for Sonic attempted to fuse cartoon features with a realistic look, pushing the character too deep into the Uncanny Valley.) The filmmakers heard those critiques, altered Sonic’s look to be truer to the original character, and fans were happy with the changes.

Social media is a valuable tool for today’s filmmakers and one that can be used to turn your movie into a smashing success. When you’re ready to begin production, GlideGear is there for you with a wide selection of professional-quality equipment. And now that you’ve got a little background on how social media has changed the film industry, you can use it to your advantage.



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