How Different Cameras Work With Mini Teleprompters
16 Nov

How Different Cameras Work With Mini Teleprompters

These days, teleprompters are mandatory if you’re shooting scripted material. The prompter adds professionalism to your video and helps you grab your audience’s attention. However, you don’t always have room for a full-sized teleprompter when you’re shooting on the go. Read more about how different cameras work with mini teleprompters; know what you’re looking for as you shop Glide Gear’s selection.


With a smartphone, you’ve got a camera and prompter in your pocket for impromptu shooting. With a mini teleprompter kit and an app on your phone, you can shoot video and have the words scroll easily and legibly. Just because you’re using a smaller screen doesn’t mean you have to squint to read the words, though a small setup like this works best with up-close footage.

DSLR Cameras

A classic DSLR has plenty of customization options, and there’s plenty of equipment out there that’ll be compatible without weighing the camera down. An iPad teleprompter is lightweight and attaches to the filter thread of the lens. DSLR cameras are ubiquitous in the film and photography world; they go with everything!

Cinematic Video Cameras

If you’re using one of the big boys—professional-quality video cameras—a mini teleprompter may only help you up to a certain distance. Smartphone and iPad teleprompters are versatile, and you can attach them to many different types of cameras, but the mini prompter may not be the best option for shooting from far away. Use the mini prompter with your cinematic camera for close-up shots and smaller scenes.

Mini teleprompters are called “mini” because of the size of the prompter itself, not necessarily the size of the camera you’re using. Prompters designed for use with smartphones and iPads work best when they’re up close and personal. However, you can use them alongside any camera as long as your actors can see and read the words! Different cameras work with mini teleprompters in different ways; the key is to know what kind of footage you want to shoot before you set up your equipment.



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