How a Stabilizer Vest Rig Can Improve Performance
16 Sep

How a Stabilizer Vest Rig Can Improve Performance

To bring your video footage to the next level, stabilize your camera with rigs courtesy of Glide Gear. The quality of your movies will skyrocket when you add that smooth, professional touch. Educate yourself on how a stabilizer vest rig can improve performance, and pick one up today.

Let Your Camera Float

Many stabilizer rigs operate on a gimbal system that keeps the camera still in each direction as the operator moves around the set. With a camera stabilizer vest and arm, you’ll be able to move into spots that won’t accommodate a traditional camera setup. Let the rig help your camera float as if in midair.

Give Your Body a Rest

If you hold the camera in your hands unassisted, your arms will start to ache after an hour or two. If you don’t have any extra support, you may feel strain in your back and shoulders as well. Excess pain in your body can cut your shoot short—and it can also do permanent damage to your body! Use the stabilizer vest rig as a supportive structure to redistribute the weight of the camera while keeping it stable.

Frame Your Shots Better

When you’ve got your camera tightly held to your eye, your field of vision obviously narrows a lot. Don’t let your own point of view be the only one in your movie! When you use a camera rig, you can step back an inch or two to see the entire frame you’re shooting.

Customize Your Gear

Depending on the type of project you’re shooting or the angles required for a shot, you can alter your vest rig to fit your needs. Add an extension arm to give you some distance from the scene you’re shooting. A gimbal will offer your camera extra stability as you execute moving shots.

As you put together your filmmaker’s tool kit, don’t forget a trusty stabilizer vest rig. It’ll offer you superior flexibility and customization options, and you’ll be able to shoot all day without your body aching. These are only a few of the ways a stabilizer vest rig can improve performance, but you’ll find many more benefits as you practice with it.



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