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Do You Need a Camera Rig?
15 Feb

Do You Need a Camera Rig?

Whether you’re a novice filmmaker or someone who has been in the industry for years, you’ve probably learned about all the accessories you can get for your camera. But which ones do you really need, and do you need a camera rig? The answer: camera rigs are a helpful tool, but it truly depends upon the situation. Below, we’ll discuss a few situations in which you might need a camera rig.

Stabilizing Shots

When you’re supporting a camera with your hands or a tripod alone, it can be difficult to keep a shot stable. Unless it is the intended effect, a shaky shot can end up looking sloppy and unprofessional. Camera rigs help to stabilize shots during movement, making for a cleaner, more professional shot.

Moving Shots

Because they stabilize shots, camera rigs are great to use during moving shots. Camera rigs help to keep the shot smooth, even when the hands holding the rig are unsteady. Camera rigs with sliders allow the camera to slide along a plane on the rig, following the motion of the shot’s subject. Camera rigs are also useful for shots that require controlled, smooth panning.

Unique Angle Shots

If you’ll be taking any shots from unusual angles, a camera rig might be the tool for you. Certain types of camera rigs are made specifically for certain types of shots. For example, an overhead rig will allow you to rig your camera above a subject for an overhead shot, while a Dutch angle rig allows you to tilt the camera to achieve the perfect Dutch angle. While these shots can be taken without the use of a rig, you’ll find that is far easier and more comfortable to attach your camera to an overhead rig than to try to hold it, unmoving, in the perfect position above the subject for the entire time you’re shooting.

With Additional Accessories

If you find that you often need to attach extra accessories like lights and mics to your camera, a rig is a helpful accessory to have. A camera rig designed to hold additional accessories will give you a convenient place to attach these accessories, which will in turn enhance the quality of your shots.

In conclusion, there are several situations in which you do need a camera rig. Using one for any of the above purposes will help you effectively improve and professionalize your shots. If you’re looking for a professional video camera rig of any sort, check out Glide Gear’s inventory of rigs. From overhead rigs to gimbals to stabilizing vests, we have it all and can help you find the right rig for your next shoot.



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