9 Vlogging Equipment Upgrades Worth Investing In
28 Sep

9 Vlogging Equipment Upgrades Worth Investing In

In the dynamic field of digital content creation, vlogging has emerged as an ideal medium for creating an impactful online presence and telling an unforgettable story. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, so vlogging isn’t just a pastime anymore. For many individuals, it’s a full-fledged career that requires commitment, imagination, and the right tools.

The quality of your vlogs is often a direct reflection of the caliber of equipment you use. A video that is clear, well-lit, and accompanied by sharp audio can be the determining factor between a viewer clicking away or becoming engrossed in your vlog. The quality of your videos plays a pivotal role in audience engagement and overall viewer satisfaction.

So which vlogging equipment upgrades are worth investing in? With this guide, we at Glide Gear will delve deeply into upgrades every vlogger should consider to enhance their craft. From top-tier sound equipment to advanced editing software, these tools can propel your vlogging from a hobbyist level to a professional standard.

High-Quality DSLR Camera

A sturdy camera with plenty of customizable features is the backbone of any vlogging setup. After all, the quality of your camera dictates the quality of the visuals your audience will experience. Investing in a well-made DSLR camera can dramatically improve your vlogs’ aesthetic appeal and overall production value.

While modern smartphone cameras do offer impressive functionality for their size, they often fall short when it comes to image quality, depth of field, and fine control. For full-length vlogs with a professional finish, put down your smartphone and pick up a dedicated DLSR camera.

Professional Microphone

If you want to engage your viewers, make sure they can hear and understand your audio! Poor audio quality can divert attention from the visual content, which can make your viewers click away from your videos before finishing them. That’s why investing in a high-quality microphone is so important.

Depending on the nature of your vlogs, you may opt for one or more of the following microphones:

  • Shotgun mic: Best for focused audio capture
  • Lavalier mic: Ideal for portability
  • Condenser mic: Common for studio recordings

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is an integral component of any high-quality video. Even the most advanced cameras cannot make up for poor lighting conditions, so you should invest in professional-grade lighting equipment. Tools like softbox lights, ring lights, and LED panels can create well-lit, visually appealing videos.

These lighting elements can transform a lackluster scene with poor illumination into a vibrant, captivating piece of video! They also provide increased control over shadows and highlights, giving you more creative freedom with your visuals.

Stabilizing Equipment

Smooth, steady footage is a defining characteristic of professional vlogs. Handheld shooting often results in blurry, shaky footage, which is typically unappealing to viewers. Invest in a few different types of stabilizing equipment to keep your camera moving fluidly.


A basic tripod will be one of your most well-loved pieces of video equipment. Affix your camera to a regular tripod to capture static shots without any blur.


Attaching your camera to a gimbal allows stabilization on multiple axes, so your camera will stay steady no matter how much you move. Gimbals come in a few different setups, like stabilizer vests or handheld camera equipment.


For a unique take on stabilization, mount your camera on a Snorricam vest. A DSLR Snorricam keeps your camera steady as it moves with the person wearing it. You can capture lush landscapes, immersive action shots, or even footage of your own face as you walk and shoot.

Editing Software

Post-production plays an indispensable role in creating an eye-catching vlog. Here are just a few tasks sophisticated editing software enables you to do:

  • Cut, trim, and sequence your footage
  • Add music and effects
  • Perform precise color correction

Software applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro offer professional-grade editing tools that can significantly enhance the quality of your vlogs. Whichever software you choose, play around with it and familiarize yourself with the tools you’ll be using most often.

Green Screen

Are you looking to experiment with unique backgrounds in your videos? A green screen will be a valuable investment for you. Use one of these screens to digitally superimpose any background of your choice, allowing for creative flexibility and variety in your vlogs.

Green screens are particularly useful for creating special effects, tutorials, or product reviews where you want to focus solely on the product or presenter.


If your vlogs frequently incorporate scripted content, a teleprompter can be a game-changer for you. Prompting equipment allows the speaker to maintain eye contact with the camera while reading from the script, allowing for a more engaging and natural delivery.

This improved delivery and increased connection with viewers can significantly enhance the quality of your vlogs. Your footage will look more professional and polished with minimal extra effort! Plus, modern teleprompters are compact, portable, and simple to set up.

Soundproofing Equipment

If you often shoot your vlogs indoors or in a studio setting, soundproofing equipment can be a worthwhile investment. Background noise and echo can interfere with your audio quality and create a less enjoyable viewing experience for your audience.

Soundproofing materials, like foam panels, can absorb unwanted noise and echo. This absorption allows for clearer, crisper, and more professional-sounding audio. This investment can make your videos much more pleasant to watch and listen to!

External Hard Drive

As a vlogger, you will probably generate vast amounts of video data in your creative endeavors. Storing all those files on your computer’s internal storage can slow it down considerably.

An external hard drive provides additional storage space and allows you to keep your computer’s internal storage free for essential tasks. This approach helps maintain your computer’s performance and serves as a backup for your valuable video data.

The quality of your vlogging content relies heavily on the equipment you use to create it. Getting vlogging equipment upgrades worth investing in can significantly enhance the production value of your content and increase its viewer appeal.

Upgrading your camera, microphones, and lighting equipment will noticeably improve the quality of your footage right away. Editing software and stabilization equipment also play an instrumental role in streamlining the vlogging process and improving the final product. Play around with unique tools like a Snorricam or a green screen for improved creative flexibility and innovation. In the end, investing in the right equipment isn’t just about improving the technical aspects of your vlogs; it’s also about enhancing the overall viewer experience.

9 Vlogging Equipment Upgrades Worth Investing In



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