5 Tips for Filming POV Footage With a Helmet Rig
5 Tips for Filming POV Footage With a Helmet Rig
06 Sep

5 Tips for Filming POV Footage With a Helmet Rig

Point-of-view (POV) shots can add an immersive element to your video or feature film when executed properly. Helmet rigs help you film POV footage easily, but how do you set up your shots? Use these tips from Glide Gear to guide you as you experiment with unique shooting methods.

Don’t Attach It to Your Actor

While you may be shooting from a character’s point of view, don’t hand the helmet rig to the actor in question. The sound of them delivering their lines will be more difficult to pick up. Have your camera operator wear the rig, with your actor standing off to the side as they speak their dialogue.

Practice Walking Smoothly

Most people bounce very slightly as they walk, but that bouncing can add unnecessary shake to your footage and potentially induce nausea in your viewers. If you’re the one operating the camera, affix it to your DSLR helmet mount and practice walking with minimal bounce, accounting for the extra weight of the helmet rig. Shoot some footage as you practice this technique and watch it later to see if you should make any adjustments.

Mimic the Human Eye

To capture an immersive shot that imitates the human eye’s field of vision, choose your camera lenses carefully. Fisheye and wide-angle lenses offer the closest approximation to human vision. This technique pulls your audience into the character’s perspective and helps them follow the action as if they’re right there!

Don’t Be Afraid To Move

While you want to stay mindful of the shake and bounce associated with moving while wearing a helmet rig, don’t shy away from following your actors. Choreograph your scenes carefully and leave plenty of room for yourself or the camera operator to move with the actors. The occasional slight bounce adds realism to your shot, but be careful not to let your camera shake too much.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Adequate rehearsal is essential for any video or feature film, and that applies even more so to scenes with POV shots. Incorporate your camera operator into each rehearsal, and block your scene as if you’re choreographing a dance routine. Whoever is wearing the helmet rig must get used to being a part of the action.

If you want to add POV footage to your next video or full-length movie, practice filming with a helmet rig to achieve your desired results. Experiment with different techniques and use these tips from Glide Gear to add professionalism to these unique shots.



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