5 Awesome Accessories for Product Photographers
5 Awesome Accessories for Product Photographers
15 May

5 Awesome Accessories for Product Photographers

In the e-commerce sector, sleek and informative product photographs can make or break a brand. With the right camera equipment, you can elevate your own product photos beyond the pedestrian and make a lasting impact on potential customers. Check out Glide Gear’s recommendations for awesome camera accessories for product photography!


Also called a light box, a softbox is a budget-friendly light source that allows you to control the location and intensity of your lighting. When you use it with a light tent, the softbox can produce studio-level lighting without excess equipment.

Remote Trigger

This accessory is best to use along with a tripod to remove every trace of blur and shake. Product photographs need to be crisp and clear to show every detail of the product in question! Set up your shot, then use the remote trigger to take photos so that your hand doesn’t jostle the camera at all.

Air Blaster

Have you ever seen photos of products that look dusty or dirty when you zoom in? Potential buyers of these products want to see them in the best possible condition. Before you photograph your products, use an air blaster. It’s essentially a can of compressed air that removes every last speck of dust.

Flat Lay Platform

Sometimes, you need to photograph products overhead to give viewers the clearest possible picture. Leaning over a platform with your camera can lead to shadowy or blurred photos, so use a flat lay camera platform to set up your shot. This rig is fully adjustable and will allow you to take pro-level photographs of your products.


For most types of product photography, you’ll want a clean white backdrop to ensure that the product is the main focus. However, don’t be afraid to add a little more color to the background of more lifestyle-specific products!

Are you a current or aspiring product photographer? Improve your skills and take professional-level product shots with these awesome accessories. Glide Gear’s camera equipment has helped countless photographers learn more about their craft and advance in their creative pursuits.



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