4 Must-Have Filming Accessories for Travel Vloggers
09 Aug

4 Must-Have Filming Accessories for Travel Vloggers

Shooting high-quality content will set you apart from others in your niche, whether you post snippets of your travels to TikTok or operate a YouTube channel. Your keys to success are plenty of practice and the right filming accessories if you’re looking to up your production value. Check out these must-haves for travel vloggers and incorporate them into your next video!

Travel Tripod

While shaky-cam footage can add immersion to a horror film, all that excess camera movement will detract from a travel video. You want to show your viewers the details of your adventure, after all! Invest in a collapsible tripod with a convenient carrying case to bring extra stabilization with you wherever you go.

Pro Tip:

Pick up a smartphone adapter for your tripod to get it out of your hands if you do most of your shooting with your phone.

External Microphone

Have you ever shot a video outdoors where wind, rain, or thunder drowned out your voice? The built-in mic on your phone or camera is not of professional quality and doesn’t allow for much sound customization.

Connect your camera to an external mic to record your voice crisply while minimizing background noise. A lavalier microphone is a piece of professional videography equipment that clips easily to your clothing while you’re out and about.

External Hard Drive

You’ll likely end up shooting a lot more footage than you end up using in the final product to create a detailed and engaging video. Don’t delete takes just to free up space! At the end of each day of shooting, upload all your footage to an external hard drive. Doing so allows you to have plenty of memory for the next day.

Portable Charger

Don’t get caught off guard by the dreaded Low Battery symbol. Shooting video on a camera or smartphone uses a lot of battery power. Keep a portable charger, like a rechargeable power bank, in your travel kit. You can charge up your camera anywhere, even if you’re in the woods with no outlet in sight.

Boost viewer engagement with the videos on your travel vlog by shooting them like a professional! These must-have filming accessories will help even amateur vloggers create high-quality video content that audiences will enjoy.



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