Glide Gear Leios 3 Axis Phone Gyro Stabilizer

Turn your mobile phone or GoPro into a powerful filming tool with the 3-Axis Brushless Phone Gimbal. Built with three work modes, it has specific function buttons so you can quickly switch between manual and auto control.

Grab your own Glide Gear Leios 3 Axis Phone Gyro Stabilizer here!

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  1. Graham
    Graham says:

    so i was so impressed i bought one. and was delighted to receive it in Sydney Australia in 3 days… amazing. BUT here’s what’s missing from the delivery:
    1 * Warranty Card
    1 * User’s Manual
    1* GoPro Adapter
    the last one I don’t care about so much, but the others are important to be able to use the product … AND there is nothing on the webpage that is support based – it is all sales oriented. no manual to dl or real support?????

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