Glide Gear RTS 36 - 36ft Video Camera Tripod Dolly Rubber Track w/ Spacers



  • 36' long flexible rubber tube system/ Allows for 16' track
  • Lock-in spacers holds track flat to the ground and keeps track
    evenly spaced throughout
  • Designed to work with almost any track dolly, including
    SYL-960 Hybrid Dolly


The concept of rubber dolly tracks is great, theoretically you can shape the track into any configuration, curved or straight, for the shot that you want. However, there is a  problem with all rubber track systems currently on the market. They

won't stay in the position that you place them, and they will "remember" the
wrapped up storage position and curl up on the floor. Also, they often will not
stay flat on the ground and are utterly impossible to keep the correct distance
apart so that you can roll over two sides of track smoothly with your track
dolly or spider dolly. These problems make it extremely difficult to get a
complicated curvy shot with current rubber track products available on the

With these challenges in mind, Glide Gear developed the "S-Curve" flexible track system with lock-in spacers that fit tightly into grooves on the tracks themselves. These lock-in spacers have a dual effect; A) They lock down the track so that it cannot curl up on the floor and B) They keep the two sides of track perfectly spaced throughout the entire length of the track. Finally it is possible to use rubber tracks the way they should be used; To create any dynamic but smooth shot that you can imagine using a camera dolly, so whether you want a tight and complex S-curve, C-curve, or a simple straight track shot, it is now easy and effective with the S-curve system from Glide Gear.


  • Includes 6 spacers
  • Spacer width: 27"
  • Track diameter: 1"
  • Box Dimensions:29.0 x 10.0 x 4.0"
  • Weight: 22lbs (11kg)



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